About Beautiful Socialite…….


Beautiful Socialite is a female owned company.  The idea came about when I saw everyone around me spending thousands of dollars on cosmetics and beauty items each year.  I wanted to have the best beauty tools and cosmetics but at affordable pricing.

So I started doing research taking trips and gathering items.  I would have items from around the globe shipped to me and still do on a daily basis to decide what do we “need” and what would everyone “want”.

I then thought how do I want to structure this business.  I’ve been in the beauty industry for over a decade now as a sole proprietor.  But I wanted a change for this company and I had friends who wanted to be involved.  I feel I have found amazing products that we would all be successful in selling.  That’s when it hit me I should make this a direct sales company.  That way everyone had the opportunity to be their own boss and make their own money.   I would still be able to do what I knew and loved travel finding great products and be able to help others.

I want to be able to offer products that are new to the market and products that are trending in the beauty market but at affordable pricing.  I want items that will last for years and years as well.  I’d also like to incorporate natural products.

I’m hoping that the distributors who join Beautiful Socialite want to learn about new products and earn a great income.   Whether you’re a stay at home parent or have a current corporate job and want to earn extra income this company can be right for you.   We will offer you training and show you how to be successful in this business.

I just want to take the time and say….

Welcome to Beautiful Socialite